Ewulu O’ Meni Kini?

By Ojete Joseph Abanim Jnr.

My Beloved fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters. I am overwhelmed by your phone calls, whatsapp messages, emails, Facebook chat, friend requests, etc as regards the write-up l put up yesterday on this platform titled “EWULU COMMUNITY ‘BLEEDING’ PROFUSELY.

It might interest you people to know that the write-up has gotten to the corridors of power and some disgruntled elements are already frowning at me. Be that as it may, their frowning did not ruffle any of the hairs in my anus because by the special grace of God Almighty, l am created to enjoy challenges reason being that “Challenges produce Champions.”

My Beloved Brethren, l would not call it a battle line being drawn because in battles, no matter who emerges victorious there are always casualties on both ends. I will rather term it ‘Challenge line’ since challenges breed Champions. On this note, the challenge we as Ewulians are faced with even though it seems to be an uphill task, it is a task worth giving our all so as to achieve the Ewulu of our dreams.

To this end, l hereby stick out my head to see to the end of this incessant rape on our collective psychology and the only place we can confidently call our Home-Town. I hereby promise to lead from the front, to ensure that all tiers of our supposed Governmental representatives hear about our plight. This will be done in an ascending order. Meaning that l will personally seek audience with our Councillor, Obi, House of Assembly member, Local Government Chairman, House of Representatives member, Senator, and finally the Governor of Delta State.

The above is an arduous task that will be time, energy, and resources consuming. Nevertheless, by the grace of God Almighty who rules in the affairs of men it will turn out a successful endeavour. If you are interested in joining me in this sojourn, my phone lines and social media channels are always up and running. You can contact me via any or all of the underlisted.

Phone numbers: 08097697527, 07030563571
Email: josephojete@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 07030563571
Facebook: Ojete Joseph A. Jnr

Thanks as l anticipate your prayers.

Long live Ewulu!!!

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