By Ojete Joseph Abanim Jnr.

From time immemorial, bleeding has been part of the human race. Often times, it serves as a form of cleansing depending on who is bleeding; while most times it is as a result of an injury. No matter the cause of the bleeding, it has never been a pleasurable experience for the affected moreso when the bleeding is uncontrolled when it can easily be controlled.

As l type this “Cry for help”, most of my people (Ewulu indigenes of Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State) resident in Ewulu have been cut off from the rest of Delta State as a result of the ongoing flood issue. Being cut off is not the problem because we are already used to being cut off from the rest of Delta State as a result of negligence from those who were supposed to give us succour. The alarming issue now is that our aged parents are now forced to navigate their way to Ewulu junction at the Ughelli-Asaba Expressway so as to get whatever the Government has provided for them.

The question that begs answers is, “why has Ewulu been relegated to the state we find ourselves today?” Have we degenerated to the extent that our Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) can no longer be regarded, and duly catered for by the Government of the day?

It is ignominious that a peace-loving and politically loyal community like ours is treated with utmost levity. It is on record that since 1999 when Democracy returned till date, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has never lost any election in Ewulu, yet we are the only Community in the whole of Delta State that does not have any of the underlisted.
1) Healthcare Centre.
2) Market
3) Post Office
4) Transformer
5) Post Office
6) Motor Park
7) Police Station
8) Manageable Road

I can go on and on. The only government presence we feel, are ballot boxes and we only feel it once in four years. My heart aches as a result of the captivity which my people are undergoing in our own State.

I and my fellow Ewulians would not want to come all out to point accusing fingers at the government of the day, because of our perception of the calibre of person who holds the forte at Delta State Government House.

Your Excellency Gov. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, l must not fail to thank you for making one of us your Special Assistant recently but our pains as a people goes far beyond that.

I and the peace-loving people of Ewulu are already accustomed to hearing you being called “Road Master”, “Project Master” et al. We would not dispute that because, it gave rise to your emerging victorious at the polls in 23 out of the 25 LGAs of the State in the State’s Gubernatorial election held some months ago. The Delta State Gubernatorial Election Petition Tribunal did not even lose a sleep over affirming your victory.

Your Excellency, our plea as a people is that what you did for others that made them give you earth-shaking names; kindly do likewise for us. We would not want to carry placards to express our grievances because of the good testimony we have heard about you by so many persons we hold in high esteem.

Your Excellency, it would be heart-warming if you act like we have been told a zillion times that you are a listening leader cum father of all, and above all a very diligent Governor.

Your Excellency, please listen to our pleas, and help us alleviate the pains of bleeding from the nose, ear, and anus at the same time. Shalom!!!

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