Biosah Ndubuisi speaks on Xenophobia.

By Biosah Ndubuisi.

This is getting from bad to worse. Why would South Africans treat Nigerians in this manner?,Did they forget so soon?. As young Nigerian students,we learnt the word ‘Apartheid‘, not because it was key to our existence, but because we heard our local TV and Radio stations talk about it, in a bid to set South Africa free!. Our leaders engaged the western world on behalf of South Africa. In fact, at some point their legendary Dr. Nelson Rolihaha Mandela sought asylum here in Nigeria!. Yes, the late Owelle of Onitsha, Chief Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe housed him in Lagos at some point.

Biosah Austin Ndubuisi.

MTN, SHOPRITE and MULTICHOICE(Dstv) are all South African interests here in Nigeria and they have been going on with their businesses undisturbed. If some Nigerians have engaged themselves in trades and actions that are against the laws of South Africa, it behoves on the South African law enforcement agencies to unleash the wrath of the law on them, simple. But for law abiding Nigerians, who are going about their normal businesses in South Africa to be subjected to such inhuman torture and treatment, its evil and must be condemned by the international community.

I have it in good authority that their actions are born out of jealousy. How come Nigerians are leaving in the best houses and driving the best cars in the midst of their indigenous lack! And I ask, who is to blame?. The average Nigerian has developed a tick skin in the face of lack, no thanks to the bad leadership we have had over the years. It therefore means that whenever a Nigerian comes in contact with a system that works, the sky becomes his limit!. Who will explain this to the South African?, the Ghanaian?, or the American?. It’s not always all about crime, but the training we have imbibed via maladministration.

I’m using this medium to urge the Nigerian government to come to the rescue of well-spirited Nigerians staying in South Africa. South Africans are not more rugged than Nigerians, we are just good people who smile in the face of plenty sufferings, but that is not to say that we are cowards!. Two wrongs cannot make a right, hence MTN, MULTCHOICE and SHOPRITE are still thriving in the face of xenophobia against Nigerians in South Africa. It’s getting out of hand, and the earlier the authorities do the needful, the better, before we , the Nigerian youths take laws into our hands!.

May God help Nigerians in South Africa.

Biosah Austin Ndubuisi is a Historian and Social Commentator. He can be reached via

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